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Central control system

The system allows you to control a large number of roller blinds with one device.

We offer: wired systems with low-voltage bus, wired systems with 230 VAC bus and wireless (radio controlled) systems.

The wired system consists of: individual ST-01 controllers (one for each drive), ST-02 group controllers, CR-02 main timer unit and PIL-64 PMS remote.
System setup depends on individual requirements of the user.

The wired system using the 230 VAC bus consists of:  ST-0P controllers (one for every drive, and one for every group), and a control device, e.g. ROYAL S timer.

The wireless (radio controlled) system consists of receivers (for example ST-01R/ST-01RL/ST-01RN controllers), drives with built-in radio receivers, or stand-alone receivers (a wide range of remote controls).


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  • 2Wireless SSN-04R central control system
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      The radio control system enables remote, complete operation of the roller shutters in the building. The system includes: receivers (i.e. ST-01R/ST-01RL/ST-01RN controller and/or motors with built-in radio receiver marked with ‘R’ – N-6R/N-10R/N-20R/N-20RE/N-40R/ 50R NHK) and transmitter or transmitters (wide range of remote controls available: PIL-02/04XB, PIL-01/04NS, PIL-01PT, PIL-01/05/09/19PM, PIL- 19/99PMT, PIL-01/05/09/19DL, PIL-19/99DLT). The wide range of available control unit casings (Wall and flush-mounted) allows for custom system installation to meet special requirements. The transmitter (remote control) sends commands for roller shutter operation and the receiver (controller or radio controlled motor) receives, decodes and executes the command. Controller programming method allows to create a flexible roller shutter control system. The roller shutters can be opened and closed individually, in groups or all at once with a single command. PIL-19PMT/PIL-99PMT remote control allows to program all available roller shutters in the building. The operation is automatic based on programmed schedule. ST-01RS controller allows not only to control the roller shutters but also lighting or other 230VAC devices (ON/OFF).

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  • 4Wired SSN-04 remote control system
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      The configuration depends on individual needs. System components: individual ST-01 controllers (one for each motor), ST-02 group controllers, CR-02 timer and PIL-99GS or PIL-64PMS remote control. ST-01 individual controller allows manual closing and opening of a single roller shutter. Individual controller in special version allows to control light fittings (ST-01S). ST-01 controller can be connected to any roller shutter switch to match the equipment used in the building. ST-02 group controller controls any number of individual controllers, e.g. floor, room, facade, both manually and via signals from an alarm control system or external sensors (wind, sun, dusk). CR-02 timer with 2 line, 16 characters per line LCD and plastic film keypad with 8 keys. Clear and easy to use menu allows easy programming of the central control unit. The control system can be used to define groups and set daily programs of automatic opening and closing of individual and multiple roller shutters. CR-02 control system has a let down function (roller shutters ajar to allow limited light access to the room).

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  • 6Wired central control system with 230V bus
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      ST-0P, Timer Rojal S

      ST-0P controller allows to group multiple roller shutters and group control using a single device, e.g. roller shutter switch and electronic timer ROJAL S (day/week program, holiday switching, inching mode, variable travel time, auto slats turn / ventilation function, automatic switchover winter‐/summertime, variable comfort position (partial lowering), backlit colour display and connection for an optional sun/twilight sensor).

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