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Warranty terms / pdf
  1. P.I.E. Inel Sp. z o. o. (hereinafter referred to as Seller) hereby grants the Buyer a 5-year warranty for tubular motors and electronic control systems, starting from the sales date.
  2. The warranty is granted to the Buyer only, and the basis for warranty claims shall be the proof of purchase: VAT invoice or receipt issued by the Seller.
  3. The warranty shall only cover faults arising from causes inherent to the purchased product, i.e. hidden defects caused by poor workmanship and/or hidden material defects which were impossible to identify at the moment of product reception.
  4. The warranty shall be valid only if the devices are installed in accordance with the operating instructions and used for their intended purpose.
  5. The buyer shall be obliged to report any hidden defect in writing or by telephone immediately after they are identified.
  6. Hidden defects do not release the Buyer from the obligation to make timely payments.
  7. The Seller shall be obliged to review claims within 14 business days from the date the product is delivered to the Seller's seat.
  8. The following shall not be covered by the warranty:
    - devices installed not according to operating instructions, or devices which have been tampered with by the user, e.g. modified/changed;
    - devices used for purposes other than intended;
    - damage caused by external mechanical, thermal and chemical factors;
    - wear parts undergoing normal wear and tear (e.g. batteries).
  9. If the Seller deems a complaint justified, the faulty product shall be repaired or replaced free of charge.
  10. The repair/replacement can be performed at the Seller's seat, i.e. in Gdańsk, at ul. Mostowa 1 directly or the faulty products can be sent by post.
  11. The shipping of faulty product must be each time agreed upon by the Buyer and the Seller.
  12. The Seller shall cover the costs of delivery of products free from defects to the Buyer's domestic address in exchange for receiving faulty products from the Buyer.
  13. The Seller shall not bear any costs of product dismounting or work required for the replacement of faulty products or costs of delivering them to the Company's seat.
  14. The Buyer shall not be entitled to claims related to loss of profit or losses resulting from product fault, or to claims related to remedying the damage to the Buyer's image.
  15. If the Seller does not deem the claim justified, any costs related thereto shall be borne by the Buyer.
  16. If the claims concerning a product were deemed unjustified, it shall be available for the Buyer to pick up for the period of 6 months. After this period expires, the product shall be immediately disposed of.
  17. In matters not regulated herein, the provisions of the Civil Code and the Commercial Code shall apply.

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