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Door and mesh shutter control units

Central control units are the key element of door and mesh shutter automatics. 
Our offer includes: single-channel control units (CRS-435XG, CRS-435XG3) controlling one drive and a double-channel unit (CRS-436XG) controlling two drives.
In order to increase safety you can connect a variety of devices, such as: photocells, magnetic loops, pressure, optical and resistance safety edges. 

Control units can be wireless (radio controlled) or wired (controlled by a sequential switch). 

The CRS-435XG3 has an additional “deadman” mode (closing without holding) which significantly increases the safety of use.

Wireless receiver

The receiver supports the control units of various manufacturers; they can be controlled with INEL remotes.

We manufacture wireless receiver ORS-X1T.

Up to 15 remotes can be registered with each receiver.

Door accessories

We offer FOT-01 photocells by Nologo, which work with our control units. 

These photocells offer protection against accidental door closing.


We provide a 5-year warranty for our products. 

We also offer warranty and post-warranty services.

We conduct free training for fitters.


  • 2Single-channel door control unit
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      Central control unit for a single 230VAC motor. Manual operation with sequential switch or radio control using a remote control (two remote controls included). Central control can be used with up to 15 different remote controls. Manually set operation time for both directions. Potentiometer set time limit from 10 to 120 sec.

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      Central control unit for a single 230 VAC motor. Manual control using UP, STOP, DOWN keys or radio control using a remote control. Compatible with photocells, safety edges, magnetic loops and other safety devices. Two operating modes: 1. standard - operation with external controls (with hold-down function), remote controls or sequential switch; 2. deadman - manual closing without hold-down function(door closing as long as DOWN key is being pressed), remote controls and sequence switch are inactive in this mode.

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  • 4Dual-channel door control units
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      Central control unit for two 230 VAC motors. Manual operation with sequential switch or radio controlled using a remote control (two remote controls included). Rolling codes (16 million combinations). Central control unit can be used with up to 15 different remote controls.  Three operating modes: 1.  2-channel – controls two independent motors; 2. 1-channel – controls a single motor and a signal light;3. 1-channel auto – controls a single motor and a signal light. Control mode: user uses the remote control to open the door, the door closes after preset time.

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  • 6Radio receivers
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      Radio link operated with remote control PIL-02XB compatible with control units of different manufacturers (e.g. horizontal sliding and tilt doors etc.). Standard version can be used with up to 15 remote controls. Two remote controls included.

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      Radio link for InelControl system integration with sliding door control systems by other manufacturers. ORS-01IC can control horizontal sliding doors and sectional doors. The device can be fitted with two reed switches to determine the current door status: closed, open, partially open.

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